• Extremely low intensity (ELI) Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) signals applied at the cellular communication level
  • Gentle electromagnetic field changes stimulate cells to help the transmission of the body’s own biological communications
  • LENYO CellCom endogenous device continually adapts the BRT signal based on the body’s own electromagnetic signals and feedback
  • LENYO BRT devices target very specific communication channels – “biological windows” – via frequency, low intensity (amplitude), signal modulation and unique program design (sub-programs, pauses, etc.)


  • Non-invasive approach designed to result in biological coherency and sufficient synchronization of ongoing metabolic processes in order to restore a natural state of well-being
  • Integrates modern biophysics and PEMF technology with integrative, holistic methods and approaches – e.g., acupuncture, meridian and chakra work, meditation, yoga, homeopathy, 5 Elements theory, etc.
  • Intuitive – continually reads and adapts electromagnetic signals based on the body’s own vibrational patterns so the body can adjust its own signals
  • Assists in the attainment of overall health and the prevention/mitigation of specific conditions by restoring communications at the cellular level
  • Advanced technology solution to support completely natural biological response


  • At maximum strength, BRT signals are 20% of those emitted by the earth’s magnetic field (50 MicroTesla). LENYO BRT devices work at 9 MicroTesla peak-to-peak
  • LENYO BRT devices use only 12 V of electrical charge or standard household type battery (mobile)
  • No tissue exhaustion, over-stimulation or tolerance build-up, because the body is constantly self-regulating
  • Considered safe with no side effects. See disclaimer for specifics


  • Simple to learn and operate
  • Easy-to-understand training for professional devices


  • Magnetic therapy to effect disease was being considered over 500 years ago
  • PEMF technology has been studied and practiced extensively for decades for many conditions and medical disciplines
  • Used in Europe by tens of thousands– without significant negative effects for over 35 years. Three million treatments performed daily in Europe
  • Electromagnetic devices and PEMF technology are recognized and considered safe by key scientific and medical organization such as FDA, NASA, Health Canada, European Union Countries
  • Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology has been FDA-approved in the US to fuse bones (since 1979) and has been cleared in certain devices to address wound healing, pain management, tissue swelling, microcirculation and depression
  • All LENYO devices are FDA-registered


  • Completely compatible with other integrative and allopathic therapies including pharmaceutical approaches
  • 661 different customized BRT programs
  • Professional-level multi-user systems to pocket-size, mobile devices that can be used at the office, in the home, or on-the-go
  • Ideal for professional practitioners, large health facilities, small wellness centers, sports medicine organization, rehab, recovery and physical therapy centers, office environments and individual users
  • A wide range of applications

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