Testimonials and Success Stories

  • I have had particularly good success with the professional-level LENYO CellCom biofeedback and BRT device. Thus far, we have used the LENYO CellCom to address anti-aging, circulation, detoxification, digestion, depression, EMF sensitivity, fatigue, inflammation, injury, insomnia, eye sight problems, lipid metabolism and scar tissues. We have also found it to be extremely effective for alleviating stress and memory pain. With a great number of programs and the ability to build protocols specific to the needs of the patient, the LENYO CellCom is an amazing device that has delivered good results for 90% of our clients receiving BRT services. I am excited to see BRT and the LENYO devices gaining well-deserved recognition in the US health and wellness community. With the excellent results these devices can offer, combined with a great training program, I expect to see BRT in every professional practice that is interested in providing state-of-the-art, yet natural, options to their clients.
    Dr. William Rea, M.D. Physician Environmental Health Center Dallas, TX
  • I'm a chiropractor by training, and currently work in a large company, administering non-profit nutritional programs. I also work as a personal assistant to a key public figure in the health industry. When I first received my LENYO BRT device, I was in the most stressful period of my life, and I must admit, I was doing a bit more self-medicating than usual. Not to be overly dramatic . . . but I believe the device literally saved my liver, my career and my life. I used the LENYO Fractal daily and the detoxifying results were amazing. With the BRT support, I was able to make it through a very challenging time, and I now use it every day to help maintain a more balanced body and peaceful state of mind. I also used the LENYO device on my cat which resulted in a miraculous recovery from a bad kidney situation. Thank you, Lenyosys, from the bottom of my heart.
    Jemma S. Palm Harbor, FL
  • While tinctures, diet and lifestyle form the basis of his treatment approach, I have found the LENYO BRT technology and devices invaluable in a number of areas of treatment. I have studied the field of PEMF technology for over five years and have found the LENYO devices to be the most sophisticated and refined products on the market. What I like most about the LENYO devices is that they are based on a combination of scientific research, physiology, cell biology, Chinese medicine and naturopathic principles, in addition to those of psychology. In my practice, I see the patients who have tried all other treatments and are often considered to be "therapy resistant." LENYO BRT devices have offered a way to break through the barrier of treatment resistance at physiologic and psychological levels – offering patients true hope. I use the following analogy to explain to my patients how the LENYO devices enhance my practice of Endobiogeny: The body is a like a country in which the hormones are its government, cells are the citizens and public life is its health. Endobiogeny is the science of encouraging the government (hormones) to be more democratic and listen to its citizens (i.e., manage the system in an adaptive manner that benefits all parts), while the LENYO BRT technology motivates the citizens (the cells) to want to be governed and participate in public life (i.e., express health).
    Kamyar M. Hedayat, M.D. Full Spectrum Healthcare • Chicago, IL
  • I personally use the LENYO Fractal two to three times a day for overall health. Family members and patients who have also used the LENYO Fractal, have experienced general improvements in overall wellbeing, as well as significant improvements in acute situations. The LENYO device is easy to use and the extra-large mat that I have can be placed on any flat service. After extensive study of PEMF devices and BRT technology, I am convinced that the LENYO products are far superior to any other PEMF devices in their price range because of the variety and comprehensiveness of the programs offered. I recommend this product to all my patients and friends as I believe this can do more for your overall wellbeing than any other self-care device I have encountered.
    Dr. John Nowacki, DMS, HD Physician British Columbia, CAN
  • I use the LENYO Fractal BRT device several times a week – in the morning, after exercising and after work. I also use the RELAX program before bed sometimes, and when I do, I sleep through the night without waking. Since I have been using the LENYO Fractal, I have experienced more energy, better moods and less muscle pain after exercise. I have also noticed that my circulation has improved – I am less sensitive to cold weather, and my feet and hands are no longer always cold. I find the device very easy to use. I just pull it out of the bag, plug it in, select the program and hit start. I am glad I have the LENYO BRT device . . . it has definitely improved my overall wellbeing.
    Olga M. Boston, MA
  • I have been undergoing therapy with the LENYO CellCom biofeedback BRT device for pain resulting from fibromyalgia, an injury to both my neck and back in a car accident, and a facial motor tick. I had the tick for about two years along with the fibromyalgia and I had the back and neck pain for seven years. In order to function each day I took pain medication and a sleep aid. After two treatments with the LENYO CellCom, my facial tick decreased by 90% and continued to lessen with each session until it was completely gone. Friends noticed immediately that the tick had greatly decreased. Additionally, after only four treatments, I realized I was not in need of a daily sleep aid and I was able to reduce my daily pain medications by 50%. I felt nothing during the treatments – no pain, no discomfort, it was like taking a nap. Now I sleep well, and I am able to participate in activities I was unable to enjoy for several years. The tick is now completely gone and I am no longer embarrassed to go out with friends and socialize. . . I sleep well and feel very balanced . . . I truly wish I had given the program a try sooner. I have now recommended the LENYO BRT technology and devices to several friends, and I call it 'my miracle machine'.
    Deborah M. Center for Brain Training • Jupiter, FL
  • I have used a number of professional and home-use BRT devices – including the LENYO CellCom, SanoCenter, Lux Pro and Fractal – to address such issues as diabetes, immune deficiency and detoxification, and to help enhance regular physiotherapy and overall health. It is clear that BRT helps to accelerate cellular and tissue regeneration, and clients regularly report a state of great relaxation during therapy and a better quality of sleep after therapy. Lenyosys offers both expedited and in-depth training modules, and operation of the devices is very easy and logical. I believe that BRT and LENYO BRT devices are a valuable addition to any comprehensive therapy program.
    Ács Józsefné Ildikó National Institute for Medical Rehabilitation • Hungary
  • I have had swollen lymph nodes in the inguinal area for years. I tried manual techniques and micro current equipment for drainage. I had the opportunity to use a LENYO BRT device. After three-to-four BRT sessions the nodes were gone. It has been three weeks and they are still gone! This device is awesome.
    Suzanne G. Tampa, FL
  • In my first 14 years of practice, I had profound results balancing acupuncture meridians in the body. However, after adding Lenyosys BRT into my practice, my successes have expanded, become more efficient, and I can now affect more systems in a shorter period of time. I have found many times that a client comes to the office needing a general balancing before we can get to the presenting symptoms and deeper issue BRT is perfect for this. I can use the LENYO Fractal or Lux Pro to balance and relax the body – physically and emotionally – in preparation for deeper therapeutic session. I have observed that by using the LENYO devices in this manner, I can do in one-to-two sessions, what I previously needed four sessions [without BRT] to accomplish. Sometimes I use the LENYO Lux Pro pad under that patient as I work with the meridians, and other times I will have the Lux Pro and pad in the waiting room and run a program on the client before coming in for further work. (This can also be an avenue for additional income). Patients can also come in for a stand-alone Lux Pro or Fractal treatment – as either a "crisis or tune-up" session or as part of an ongoing therapy program – to help with longer-term conditions and imbalances such as immune and liver problems, digestion and circulation issues, allergies and chemical sensitivities, detoxification, lymphatic cleansing and sugar metabolism. Again, this therapy model helps patients to recover more quickly and can become a source of new income to the practice. The professional-level, LENYO CellCom biofeedback and BRT device is a priceless tool in Chinese Medicine. With it, I can capture a patient’s own unique signals, remove specific disruptions, phase shift the signals and send them back to the body. The body can then use these improved signals to better adapt, harmonize systems and restore healing and health. With the optional Homeopathic Imprinter module, the LENYO CellCom also has the capability of creating homeopathic remedies based on the body’s own signals during a session. The individual can then take that homeopathic remedy during the week to assure continuity in therapy. With an enormous variety of programs and protocols that can be customized specifically for the patient, the LENYO CellCom can be used to address issues across every system in the body: the intestinal programs are priceless for helping with intestinal infection, intestinal flora imbalances and more. The psychological programs can help to clear blocks causing therapy resistance. SHOCK is a program that relieves traumas as far back as childhood by bringing the signal disruption from that event back into resonance and immediately allowing the person to adapt and recover. The LENYOS CellCom is very useful in clearing pain from injuries and back problems. I have had a client come in with spinal pain so severe that pain pills no longer work, but with just one LENYO CellCom session, the long-standing pain was completely alleviated. The LENYO BRT devices are non-invasive and safe, as they emit very low-intensity signals to only those areas that need to be addressed. I even find that clients who are identified as being “sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies” have been helped without any problems. These are some of the experiences I have seen in my own private practice. I guarantee you will find BRT technology and LENYO BRT devices to be a welcome adjunct in your work. It has brought me greater income and paid for itself quickly. Clients have referred more people as they get quicker and more thorough results.
    Marianne Lonergan Curtis, CAMT, CFT Practitioner Lawrence, KS
  • To help with my EMF sensitivities, my doctor developed a 10-session bioregulation therapy plan. Over several weeks, I did the BRT treatments every day of the week. Additionally, she had me drink a large bottle of water over the course of the day, and she incorporated some extra treatments that were geared to help with chemical sensitivities and emotional balance. I continued to use several drops of water from my original BRT treatment in my drinking water every day, and I also did a separate treatment with a one-hour DMPS IV drip with a HEAVY METAL – DETOX BRT protocol. From a patient perspective, set up for the LENYO CellCom biofeedback and BRT device was quick and easy. I took off my shoes and jewelry and lay down on the table. I was covered in blankets and off to sleep in no time. VERY RELAXING!!! During the BRT sessions, I am able to reach a state of relaxation that I otherwise am unable to do on my own. Each session showed notable improvement, starting from the first BRT session. I was poisoned with radioactive thallium and cesium five years ago (I was 26 years old.) After the first several treatments, my eyebrows grew back and the inflammation around my eyes and head began to go down, for the first time in five years. My tolerance to cell phones and WiFi has also greatly improved, as well my swelling that results from fluctuation in background radiation levels. Most importantly, I have started to see my old self slowly emerge. I had no idea that I had been so inflamed for so long. My clothes fit two sizes looser following the treatments, and my other therapies seemed to be working much better. Homeopathic pellets for neutralizing symptoms began to work much more potently, and my severe allergies to everything, including food, fabrics, chemicals, molds, etc., has also started to shift. My thresholds seem to be getting stronger. The BRT treatments have had a lasting effect. I feel happier, more energetic, and I can be in an elevator or inside a home with people on their cell phones and my head doesn't start to swell up. My overall body swelling has continued to fluctuate, so I decided to purchase the LENYO Fractal home device last week. I hope I see the same results I have experienced with the professional LENYO CellCom over the past couple months. I tried so many things to help with my immune system problems. I've done gamma globulin infusions to boost my IgG's, root canal removal, and currently take T-Cell therapy. I follow a rotation diet, do far infrared saunas, receive nutritional counseling and take homeopathic remedies. I’ve injected hundreds of allergy shots, practiced grounding and slept on a grounding pad . . . and much more. Everything is helping but there has been a missing link to restoring my health. And I firmly believe now that the key lies within BRT cellular communication. I am seeing that Lenyosys BRT devices are actually enabling my many efforts. I am working so hard to improve my health and the Lenyosys BRT technology is actually allowing my other therapies to work as they should. The pivotal change has come with incorporating the BRT into my regimen. I've felt such dramatic changes in my sense of wellbeing, sensitivities and emotional stability. Others have also commented on how I actually look like a different person – much younger and happier. I am looking forward to continuing my BRT sessions at home and finally beginning a true recovery from my many years of being so toxic and sick. I feel like I'm finally on the path to getting my life back.
    Jen L. Houston, TX
  • In my practice, I use the LENYO BRT Lux Pro and Mobile Prevention devices, both on their own and in conjunction with zone therapy, and I have definitely seen successful results in the way of improved overall health. A particularly significant situation involved a 70-year old female who had Parkinson’s disease. After only six sessions on the LENYO Lux Pro, her tremors had decreased and she was able to write in a straight line. I would recommend the LENYO BRT products for a wide variety of people and applications.
    Hele Jaagu Practitioner • Estonia

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