LENYO devices are listed and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however they have not been evaluated by the FDA to cure or prevent any disease. LENYO devices are intended for the beneficial effects as set forth in the instructions manuals and product literature. These devices help the body to stay healthy and promote general wellness. You are advised to consult with your physician and healthcare provider before using any LENYO device if you have any concerns regarding your health. As a LENYO product user, you understand that you are assuming full responsibility for the safe and proper use of these devices, and you will only use the LENYO devices in accordance with the usage information set forth in the instruction manuals and product literature, as well as on the www.lenyosys.com website.

Further, this will constitute an implied indemnity that you, as the buyer of the LENYO device(s) agree to indemnity and hold harmless the supplier and manufacturer of the LENYO devices from any consumer claims against these products or their ultimate use.

LENYO CellComm (LCC) endogenous device: Use of the LENYO LCC is contraindicated for patients with extremely high blood pressure (stage 4 systolic values > 210 mm Hg diastolic > 120 Hgmm) because of its temporary blood pressure increasing effect.

LENYO SanoCenter (LSC) and all other exogenous devices: The effect of contemporary-applied therapies and medicines can be intensified, therefore more frequent control of both the conventional therapy doses and LENYO device usage-time is required.

Pacemakers: Please consult with your doctor or pacemaker manufacturer about field strength prior to the use of any BRT / PEMF devices.

Pregnancy: Do not use if pregnant. While there are no known adverse effects, little research has been done in this area and safety is not conclusively established.

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