What is BRT

Bioregulation Therapy (BRT) is a unique and highly-effective wellness modality that uses advanced biofeedback and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology to support biological communications at the cellular level – ultimately helping the body to better self-regulate, adapt and heal naturally.

The Importance of Cellular Communication

Cellular communication is critical to the body’s adaptation, regulation and healing processes which help to maintain overall health and deal with the causes and symptoms of cell deterioration and disease. Every single cell in the body communicates via electromagnetic fields – at the overall rate of trillions of chemical reactions per second. In order to process these instantaneous exchanges – and sustain optimum health – cellular communications must be fluid, precise and synchronized. When these critical communications are disrupted or blocked, the body’s cells, tissues and organs may be compromised and unhealthy symptoms follow.

A number of internal and environmental sources can contribute to the breakdown of the body’s cellular communication processes. Some of these sources include nutritional deficiencies, chemicals, toxins, genetics, emotional stressors and blocks at the subconscious level, microbes, aging and electrosmog – computers, cell phones, high-power electrical lines, microwaves and other common electronic devices that over time may cause sensitivities and imbalances.

How BRT Works

During BRT sessions, BRT devices safely deliver very low intensity electromagnetic signals. Through frequency and modulation, these signals create gentle electromagnetic field changes that facilitate improved cellular communications within the body. More specifically, BRT signals target communication channels or “biological windows” that correlate with specific areas of the body and mind. Once this happens, the body can more efficiently process the electrical and chemical exchanges associated with those channels and address imbalances or dysfunctions in those areas.

By facilitating cellular communications and supporting the body’s own adaptation and regulation activities, BRT can help to accelerate healing, restore inner balance and return the body to a natural state of wellness.

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